English Profile

(I apologize in advance that English is not my first language)

Yasushi Yamashita (Pianist / Keyboardist)

Born in Sapporo on November 22, 1972

I was shocked by YMO(Yellow Magic Orchestra) in elementary school.

And I was interested in the keyboard instrument from the jazz record that was at home in junior high school students.

I started band activities in the wake of a high school school festival

(Participated as a guitarist, later converted to a keyboardist)

I decided that the piano was a musical instrument to spend the rest of my life studying at the university’s jazz laboratory, and then quit school and went to Tokyo.

learned the basics of music from the jazz pianist Makoto Terushita

After graduating from university, I had the opportunity to work as a professional pianist and performed with various musicians of any genre.

Currently performing a wide range of activities related to music production such as music performance, music score creation and composition, arrange at live house and various events